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Dance Literacy Games adopt a constructivist approach to teaching and learning. Teachers can use them in lesson planning to support learning in dance composition, improvisation, analysis and reflection. National Standards for Dance Education-based manipulative games create learning centers for students using inquiry and problem solving approaches, facilitate collaboration and discovery learning approaches which apply to all grades in both classrooms and studios.

Teaching Online? Dance Literacy Games offer a great way to approach online teaching in the current world of dance education. The games provide an easy to way to guide students through movement activities for warming up, improvisation exploration, or even as an introduction to a choreography project. Although online instruction for dance education may feel new, using DLG bring a sense of normalcy to your classroom or studio.

Who can use Dance Literacy Games

  • Classroom Teachers

  • Theater Teachers

  • Dance Teachers

  • Physical Education Teachers

  • Choreography and Improvisation Teachers

  • University Pedagogy Teachers

  • Choreographers

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